Conference History

The Murnau Conference is the official conference of the study group "Structural Biology" of the Gesellschaft for Biochemie und Molekularbiologie (GBM).

The series of Murnau Conferences on Structural Biology has been initiated by Dirk Heinz and  Caroline Kisker in 2005 and has become the established biannual meeting of the study group.

Previous conferences focused on the following topics:

2018    New Frontiers in Structural Biology

2016    Large Molecular Assemblies

2014    Signal Transduction

2012    Structural Biology of Molecular Transport

2010    Structural Biology of the modern RNA world

2007    Structural Biology of Disease Mechanisms  

2005    Structural Biology of Molecular Recognition

Conferences before 2016

You can still have a look at the homepages of the conferences 2005 to 2014 here: