Program and Schedule

September 26th, 2018 (Wednesday)

16:00  Registration opens
17:00 Informal get-together, dinner buffet
19:00  Conference Opening
19:15 - 20:15 The Murnau Lecture 2018, Chair: Sebastian Hiller
19:15 Kurt Wüthrich (Scripps) – "NMR Views of Function-Related Structural Dynamics in G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)"
20:15 Beer and snacks


September 27th, 2018  (Thursday)

8:30 Registration open
9:00 - 12:00 Session 1 – Structural Dynamics, Chair: Oliver Einsle
09:00 Ben Schuler (University of Zürich) – “Binding Without Folding: Extreme Disorder and Dynamics in A High-Affinity Protein Complex”
09:40 Daniel Roderer (MPI Dortmund) – “Structures of a Tc toxin in the prepore state and the pore state show the mechanism of Tc toxin activation and translocation”
10:00 Claus Seidel (Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf) – “Integrative dynamic structural biology with fluorescence spectroscopy”
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 Adam Lange (FMP Berlin) – “A single NaK channel conformation is not enough for non-selective ion conduction”
11:20 Helmut Grubmüller (MPI Göttingen) – “Atomistic Simulation of Biomolecular Function: Ribosomal Translation, Ligand Binding Heterogeneity, and A Dynasome Perspective”
12:00 Ulrich Rant (Dynamic Biosensors GmbH) – “Resolving structural changes and binding kinetics of protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes with the switchSENSE® biosensor.”

Marco Schwieder (NanoTemper Technologies) – “Screening Protein Stability with Prometheus – before you run other costly methods.”

12:30 Lunch
14:00 - 17:10 Session 2 – Molecular Mechanisms, Chair: Irmi Sinning
14:00 Elena Conti (MPI Martinsried) – “Molecular Mechanisms of RNA Degradation”

Matthias Vorländer (EMBL Heidelberg) – “Molecular mechanism of promoter opening by RNA Polymerase III elucidated by cryo-electron microscopy”

15:00 Katharina Grunau (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) – "Ligand binding to FeV cofactor of vanadium nitrogenase”
15:20 Coffee break
15:50 Lori Passmore (MRC Cambridge) – “Mechanistic Insight Into the Eukaryotic Poly(A) Tail Machinery”
16:30 Guillaume Mas (Biozentrum Basel) – “Functional regulation of an ATP-independent chaperone by coupled folding and oligomerization”
16:50 Ahmad Jomaa (ETH Zürich) – “Cryo-electron Microscopy Provides Insights into Bacterial and Mammalian Co-translational Targeting of Proteins to the Membrane”
17:10 - 20:00 Business meeting for GBM members (ca. 20 min), Poster session, dinner buffet


September 28th, 2018  (Friday)

9:00 - 12:30 Session 3 – Connecting Length Scales/Emerging Methods I, Chair: Stefan Raunser
09:00 Grant Jensen (Caltech) – “The Future of Structural Biology: Full of Electron Cryotomography!”
09:40 Juan Gerez (ETH Zürich) – “Atomic resolution insights of proteins in living cells”
10:00 Sebastian Fica (MRC Cambridge) – “Cryo-EM Snapshots of the Catalytic Spliceosome Elucidate Mechanisms for Remodelling and Splice Site Recognition”
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 Anne Houdusse (Institut Curie) – “Allosteric Tuning of Myosin Force Generation: New Avenues Towards Therapeutical Treatment”
11:30 Jan Löwe (MRC Cambridge) – “Structural Phylogeny: When and Where Did Eukaryotic F-Actin and Microtubules Emerge?”
12:10 Sabrina Pospich (MPI Dortmund) ­– “Structure of F-actin from Plasmodium falciparum
12:30 Free afternoon
14:00 - 15:30 Optional: guided sightseeing tour
16:30 - 19:20 Session 4 – Connecting Length Scales/Emerging Methods II, Chair: Christine Ziegler
16:30 Michael Sattler (TU & Helmholtz Zentrum München) – “Decoding Regulatory Protein-RNA Recognition and Dynamics Using Integrative Structural Biology"
17:10 R. Andrew Byrd (National Cancer Institute) – “Examining Biomolecular Dynamics by NMR: New Methods for sampling μS-mS dynamics and following allostery in ubiquitination”
17:30 Rebekka Wild (ETH Zürich) – “Cryo-EM structure of yeast oligosaccharyltransferase complex gives insight into N-linked protein glycosylation”
17:50 Coffee break
18:20 Phil Selenko (FMP Berlin/Weizmann institute) – “Looking at Proteins in Live Cells With Atomic Resolution: From Science Fiction to Science Reality”
19:00 Eike-Christian Schulz (MPI Hamburg) – “Molecular Movie Machines: The hit-and-return (HARE) system enables efficient time-resolved serial synchrotron crystallography and resolves the molecular details of biological defluorination“
19:20 Christin Reuter (Jena Bioscience GmbH) – “Frag Xtal Screen for direct crystallographic fragment screening"
20:00 Conference dinner at Brauhaus Griesbräu, Murnau


September 29th, 2018 (Saturday)

9:00 - 12.00 Session 5, Chair: Cellular Processes Involving Protein Complexes, Chair: Ralf Ficner
09:00 Kaspar Locher (ETH Zürich) – "Cryo-EM structures of human multidrug ABC transporters provide insight into drug transport and small-molecule inhibition”
09:40 Charlotte Stock (Goethe University Frankfurt) – “Cryo-EM structures of KdpFABC reveal K+ transport mechanism via two inter-subunit half-channels”
10:00 Brenda Schulman (MPI Martinsried) – “Twists and turns in ubiquitin conjugation cascades”
10:40 Coffee break
11:00 Eri Sakata (MPI Martinsried) – “Mechanistic insights into peptidase gating of the 26S proteasome”
11:20 Ernest Laue (University of Cambridge) – “Single-Cell Hi-C and Single-Molecule Imaging to Study Nuclear Architecture”
12:00 End of meeting